Father and son to go to Haiti for hurricane relief

EASTON — Tom Schuyler of Woolford and Steven Schuyler of Church Creek, Tom’s son, will be traveling to Haiti on Tuesday, Nov. 8, but it will not be to avoid Election Day. Once in Haiti, the duo will be performing humanitarian work, helping to provide relief for those affected by Hurricane Matthew. This will be Steven’s first time outside the United States and Tom’s 13th aid trip to Haiti.

“I mainly go for missionary and humanitarian reasons. This is more humanitarian. It just depends on if the need is there,” Tom said. “Many of their crops were destroyed, so there will be (a need for) food, clothing and whatever else we can do. If we have time, which we probably won’t, we will try to help them get some shelter beyond what they already have.”

Tom began his aid missions in 1998, and once even took his wife, Lisa, along on a trip. During the upcoming trip, he and his son will be traveling to Les Cayes, a town with a population of more than 86,500 people, they said.

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