Talbot polling places run smoothly on Election Day


EASTON — Voters were lining up at the door outside numerous Talbot County polling places Tuesday morning but the numbers seemed to be lower than expected due to the high turnout for early voting.

Hilary Clinton yielded a total of 7,865 votes from early voting and the Election Day turnout and Donald Trump received 10,098 votes. Absentee and provisional ballots still have not been counted.

According to the Talbot County Board of Elections Office, Talbot County yielded a total of 9,226 early voters over the course of eight days. Talbot County had the highest percentage of early voter turnout in the state of Maryland; more than 34 percent of registered voters showed up to the polls early.

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TCPS to stay open on Election Day

EASTON — The Talbot County Board of Education made the decision on Wednesday, Sept. 21, that Talbot County Public Schools will not close Easton and St. Michaels high schools for Election Day on Nov. 8.

Superintendent of TCPS Kelly Griffith said they have had this same discussion twice before. The election board once again asked the education board in August to reconsider closing the high schools on Election Day.

Currently, on the week of November 10, students have full school days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, an early dismissal on Thursday and then schools are closed on Friday for the Waterfowl Festival.

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