Oxford OKs rental home inspection program

OXFORD — The Oxford Commission approved an ordinance on Tuesday, Nov. 8, that adds a rental housing inspection program to the town code.

The commission has been working on this ordinance for a while seeing as how the town did not have a Residential Rental Housing License and Inspection Program but other towns do have similar ordinances that have been adopted.

Through this program residential rental houses would be inspected, licensed and go under the property maintenance code.

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Talbot polling places run smoothly on Election Day


EASTON — Voters were lining up at the door outside numerous Talbot County polling places Tuesday morning but the numbers seemed to be lower than expected due to the high turnout for early voting.

Hilary Clinton yielded a total of 7,865 votes from early voting and the Election Day turnout and Donald Trump received 10,098 votes. Absentee and provisional ballots still have not been counted.

According to the Talbot County Board of Elections Office, Talbot County yielded a total of 9,226 early voters over the course of eight days. Talbot County had the highest percentage of early voter turnout in the state of Maryland; more than 34 percent of registered voters showed up to the polls early.

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Talbot Hospice attends Chamber Luncheon

EASTON — Members of the Talbot Hospice attended the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce Luncheon on Thursday, Oct. 20, to discuss the Talbot Conversations education initiative and the process of obtaining an advanced directive.

The Talbot Conversations initiative is to encourage and assist as many residents as possible in understanding their choices at the end of life.

An advanced directive is a series of paperwork which consists of three main steps.

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Members of AAMC discuss new Easton hub

EASTON — Members of the Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) were present at the Easton Town Council meeting on Monday, Oct. 17, to discuss their new Easton hub and the progress the health system is making to offer a cardiac surgery program.

Maulik Joshi, Executive Vice President of AAMC, said he mainly wanted to talk about the work they are doing in the Easton area. It is important, he added, to bring access to this community and to bring access to areas that have gaps and focus on the ambulatory side of healthcare, meaning community-based physician services.

AAMC has a very focused vision and mission and their main goals are quality, community, workforce, growth and finance, he said. They also focus very much on working outside the walls of the hospital. Joshi said they don’t view themselves as a hospital, they view themselves as a health system.

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Oxford Commission discusses wastewater treatment plant

OXFORD — Oxford commissioners discussed progress of the town’s wastewater treatment plant and amendments to the engineering contracts involved in this project on Tuesday, Oct. 11, at their regular meeting.

Oxford Commission Attorney Brynja Booth said she received an email from the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), which stated it is in the process of issuing the construction permit for the planned wastewater treatment plant.

The Oxford Commission has been working toward getting a new wastewater treatment plant since 2012.

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Easton Town Council propose new ordinances

EASTON — The Easton Town Council held three public hearings to discuss multiple ordinances which would propose amendments to the Town’s Zoning Ordinance on Monday, Oct. 3, at their regular meeting.

The council discussed four ordinances which included an amendment to authorize the appointment of an alternate member of the Planning Commission, an ordinance to permit roof-mounted solar panels as an accessory use in all zoning districts, revision requirements for provision of public sidewalks in non-residential projects and requirements for fire pits.

“This one deals in particular with the Planning Commission which is a five-member board appointed by the Mayor and approved by the town and this ordinance is considering adding an alternate member for those times when there may not be a quorum,” said Easton Town Council President John Ford.

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Oxford prepares for MEWS design requests

OXFORD — Oxford commissioners discussed preparation for requests for proposals (RFP) for the Mews building on Tuesday, Sept. 27, at their regular meeting.

The Oxford Public Works Department has been working on rehabilitating and cleaning up the Mews since July 2016.

The commission unanimously approved an ordinance to purchase the Mews property at its Tuesday, April 12, meeting. The Mews was originally an emporium, or retail shop, but is now vacant.

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